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Rover 800 825 KV6 MPG Figures

Rover 800 825 V6 Sterling Coupe
Rover 800 825 KV6 Auto
Car: Rover 800 825 KV6

Years: 1996 - 1999

The official figures for the 825 Auto in MPG, are;

URBAN 18.9

these are worked out as follows;

URBAN; Cold start, accerlations and decelerations, steady driving and idling, max speed 31 MPH, average 12 MPH.

EXTRA URBAN; Carried out after above, half the test at a steady speed, plus accerations and decererations and idling, max speed 75MPH, average 39MPH. Test is carried out over a distance of 4.3 miles.

COMBINED; Average of the tests above but weighted to take into account of different distances covering the two tests.


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