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Rover 800 825 KV6 Engine Idle Control Valve.

Rover 800 825 KV6 Engine Idle Control Valve.
Rover 800 825 KV6 Engine Idle Control Valve

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

If you have any rough or erratic idling problems on an engine, and you have already checked, cleaned or replaced, the normal serviceable items such as the spark plugs and fuel and air filters, then often the question is what to look at next? Unfortunately whether the problem is being caused by just one item or a combination of several things, it is usually still difficult to locate!

A new set of spark plug / HT leads can sometimes be the answer, but for many car owners these can be expensive to replace, especially when you are not sure if the leads are the cause of the problems. Also leads really need to be replaced with new original equipment ones or upgraded items, which can both be costly. When finances are tight some owners will still consider new leads, but many would still like to explore any cheaper avenues first. Well there are a few more areas where a little bit of free or cheap maintenance, might improve things a little or even help cure the problems, without resorting to new leads just yet!

The throttle body housing containing the intake/butterfly valve located between the air filter box and inlet manifold is one of these places. A good cleanout of the throttle body can work wonders and hopefully will give much smoother running and acceleration. The real place to look though for rough idling though, is the Idle Control Valve.

On the Rover 800 2.5 KV6 engine the Idle Control Valve is very easy to access and so there are no excuses not to clean it.

Simply undo the two screws and remove the Idle Control Valve, give it a clean and then refit it.

This car did not have any idling problems, and the Idle Control Valve was not covered by much in the way of any contaminates, but to help avoid any future slow/fast idling problems the Idle Control Valve was cleaned anyway.

Prevention is better than cure!

Rover 800 825 KV6 Engine Idle Control Valve.
Here is the location of the Idle Control Valve on the Rover 800 fitted with the 2.5 KV6 engine.

Rover 800 825 KV6 Engine Idle Control Valve.
Undo a couple of screws to release the Idle Control Valve.
Unclip the wiring for easier cleaning of the Idle Control Valve.

Rover 800 825 KV6 Engine Idle Control Valve.
Clean the Idle Control Valve and also clean inside its housing if needed, then simply refit.
Job done!


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