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Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.

Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.
Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

The Throttle Body Housing is located between the air intake box and the injection/inlet plenum. The throttle body is a unit which contains the valve which opens and closes to vary the air/fuel mix to the engine.

If you are having any trouble with your Rover engine running a little rough then it is always worth giving the throttle body a good clean out, in addition to changing/servicing the normal service items such as spark plugs and filters.

The throttle body is very easy to open and clean due to its location. Simply remove the air filter box lid by unclipping it around the edge and removing the air intake tube at the throttle body by unscrewing the jubilee clip.

Inside the throttle body you will see a circular flat metal flap which is connected to the accelerator and choke cables. Over time this will become dirtier, and so will sometimes be a little stiffer than it should be due to any build up of emulsified oil or dirt present.

This flap and the rest of the inside of the throttle body can usually be cleaned up with an aerosol can of engine or injection cleaner or similar products which are easily available from most car accessory stores and many pound shops too! Used together with a rag on a stick you should be able to give the throttle body quite a good clean. Don't forget you can use some oil or spray grease on outside spring/accelerator cables too.

Hopefully cleaning out the throttle body should improve, starting, idling, and accelerator response.

We were still not satisfied that the car was starting quite as good as it should though, and decided this time we would open up the top of the throttle body housing and see what was inside. This was after we thought we could here whatever was inside making a noise after the engine was turned off each time.

Inside the top part was a small electric motor connect by several wires to the outer connector. A small metal pin goes out the bottom of the device and is connected to the motor by a plastic/nylon spiral.

The pin and motor positions must vary all the time when the car is being driven and feed back information to the electronic ECU. As the pin did have a small accumulation/build up around it this was cleaned up and the whole thing was put back together. The motor did not have to have its teeth matched up in any particular way, as the way it works it resets itself as and when it needs too. (Hence the clicking/whirring noises which we had been hearing each time the engine was turned off).

Luckily we had taken a photo of which way the spring was fitted inside the throttle body motor housing when we took it apart, because we just could not tell which way it went in when we came to put put it back.

Although we had never taken it apart before, we think it was worth taking it apart, because the pin inside got a clean, this seemed to make a tiny but not insufficient improvement in the cars running.

The Stepper Motor can be reset at anytime. To do this simply turn the ignition on with the key and press the accelerator pedal 5 times in a row. On the 5th time you should hear the stepper motor clicking as it resets itself. (If you are in a noisey area, you may want someone else to listen or press the pedal for you).

Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.
Taking Apart the Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Housing.

Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.
In Case we Forget! The Spring inside is fitted this way around!

Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.
This is what is inside the Throttle Body Motor Housing.

Rover 800 820 Throttle Body Stepper Motor Housing.
The Throttle Body Motor with all its control wires!


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