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Rover 800 How to bypass immobiliser using EKA Code.

Rover 800 Immobiliser Not Working
Rover 800 825 2.5 V6 (KV6)

Rover 800 Immobiliser Not Working

Well like everything else ...'I guess it had to happen at sometime!'

My remote control would not unlock the car, and therefore the key would not start the engine as I could not deactivate the immobiliser! (even though I had started the car half a dozen times earlier that same day!)

The Key Fob LEDs were lighting up, but there was no response from the car.
I tried to re sync the Key Fob by pressing the unlock button 4/5 times in quick succession but to no avail.
I was able to buy & try new batteries in the remote as I was in a Supermarket car park at the time.

I also considered moving my car away from any phone masts, but could not see any on this occasion, and besides the snow on the ground would have prevented me from pushing the car very far!

I was also able to get my spare keys delivered to me, and even tried fitting new batteries in the spare remote control too, but still nothing.

The car battery was only months old, and had been fully charged a few days ago earlier, so although I knew that was fine, I did try connecting and reconnecting the car's battery to see if it would help in any way.

When all else fails you can always bypass the immobiliser using the EKA Code. The EKA (Emergency Key Access) Code is a 4-digit code that can be entered into the alarm system using the car key in the driver's door lock, but first all all you need to know the code, or be able to find it.

The EKA code can sometimes be found on the security information card supplied with your vehicle handbooks. (on many occasions the section is blank though!)

The EKA code not the same as the ignition key code which is also found on the information card and/or on a grey tag that came with your keys. the Key Lock Code, will not work.

If you can not locate the code yourself, then there are companies on the internet that can supply you with the code for a fee. Try searching for 'Rover Key Code' etc.

I did not get the EKA code with the car (the space on my card was blank) and I had never bought one for this car as those I had bought for myself/others for other Rover(s)/ 800's in the past had all turned out to be a waste of time and money. (even when adding 1, to the 2nd and 4th digits of the code as has worked for some folk!)(radio codes purchased in the past had worked though)

I had also noticed the passenger door was locked solid, even from inside the car and would not unlock when using the key in the drivers door so maybe the switch in the drivers/passengers door is at fault or a symptom!

I could not remember if I had deadlocked the car with the remote by pressing it twice when locking the car like I normally do. I guess I had, but not sure.
(a locked solid passenger door on a coupe where the drivers door is an inch away from a wall would be a real nightmare!!!)

So I gave up and called in the breakdown, between us we were quickly running out of ideas, so I thought maybe, just maybe I would try the code company again on this occasion. In the meantime whilst waiting for them to come back with the code, I had the car towed back home, as mucking about with the key and other stuff, we had probably already activated the 30 minute built-in timer that would prevent us using a correct code for the time being (..and that's if it would actually work)!

anyway I got the code, and was surprised to find on this occasion it was a working one!!!

(...and passenger door opens once more)

For those of you who are unsure of how to enter the EKA code into your vehicle please see the video above, thanks!

Rover 800 820 825 Immobiliser Not Working.
When your remote fails to unlock the car and deactivate the immobiliser, you can always use the key in the drivers door lock to overcome both of these problems!


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