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Rover 800 820 825 827 Rear Bumper Repair

Rover 800 with Rear Bumper Removed
1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback with Rear Bumper Removed

Rover 800 with Rear Bumper Removed Strong Tape to Hold the Bumper Together During repair. The Tape allows Easier Access During the Repair The Internal Steel Section is Treated to Some Fresh Paint Car Filler Added to Reinforce the Repairwork Tape Removed and Gap is now Repaired/Closed Another coat of paint has been Applied The Reversed of the Bumper is Stitched Back Up! Bumper Re-fitted to the Car
Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

With the Rover 800 being such a large car, it usually means that at some point in its life, the car will suffer some sort of knocks/bumps/scuffs to the bumpers!

This car had already suffered from the usual scuffs to all four corners, all of which were caused by other drivers while the car has been parked. Each of the scuffs has been touched up with a brush, but had they been any worse, then they would of required a re-spray.

This time the bumper was knocked and as a result, there was a long open split about a foot long with a crack continuing visibly further. Having not having any time to repair this particular car this was open crack was left for about 16 months, during which time the gap was increasing, so we decided to take the car off the road to repair it. We opted for repairing it rather than replacing it, because, with a Rover 800, it might only last a week before some other idiot drives into it again!

The bumper was removed from the car to see how the bumper looked from inside, and to see if at all, whether it could be fixed. The inner steel bumper was detached, and we were left with the plastic moulded bumper, which we were amazed to see had no access to the damaged area. These bumpers were far better made than we envisaged.

We cut open a couple of the sections using a padsaw, this gave us the access we required. Strong industrial strength tape was used to hold back the access panels and at the same time, to pull the damaged bit back together. (we decided not to fully open the inside of the bumper, as we did not want to make it any weaker than we had to.

With the bumper being made from ABS plastic, we knew we could heat it up to join it. So, we simply used, a soldering iron and went right along the crack from the inside, joining it back up! (being careful not to go too deep!) We then heated up some spare mesh with a blow torch and then dropped this into the bumper pressing it into place. After that we reinforced the whole thing even further with some car bumper filler.

During this time the inner steel bumper was painted with two coats of under body seal. The steel bumper was beginning to get a bit rusty, so this seemed a worthwhile thing to do.

After removing the strong tape, the crack in the bumper was holding closed and its appearance was acceptable. A slight bulge could still be seen in the bumper, this would have been far less apparent had we fixed it shortly after it had happened instead of leaving it for so long to form a new shape!

The inner plastic sections we had sawn open, were then welded back together. Once again this was done with the use of a soldering iron to stitch it back up!

The bumper was then refitted to the car. The bumper just looks like it has a crack in the surface now, rather than an open gap. The actual repair cost next to nothing and we did not require and paint spraying, but at least now the car can be washed again without the sponges being trapped in the crack and ripped each time!


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