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Rover 800 Entering the R960 Radio Security Code.

Rover 800 Entering the R960 Radio Security Code.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Interior: Grey

This is just a short video to show you how to enter the radio code on your Rover R960 or similar Radio.

These radios were far better than those offered as standard in say Fords at the same time. With a Ford Radio of the same era, owners only had three tries to enter a radio code, after which the security chip inside the radio would prevent it from working. This often meant genuine owners often entering codes incorrectly and then ending up with a radio of no use! Whereas thieves just used to nick Ford radios, put them in the freezer over night rendering the security chip useless and the result of which they would have a fully working radio. Either that or they would have them decoded!

The security system on these Rover Radios was far better as you have to use the correct code for the radio to work. If you entered the wrong code, the radio would just go into a waiting period, before you could try again.

That does not seem to much of a deterrent you might think! But when the waiting period doubles in length every time you enter a wrong code, the time soon mounts up. First 1 minute, then 2 Minutes, then, 4 then 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 minutes etc.!

You can not simply wait for the time to expire either, the power must be on for the waiting period to be completed, and if you switch the radio off in the meantime, then you have to begin waiting again next time you switch the radio on.

This made for a good safe and secure system, where by owners who accidently entered wrong codes, could still enter the correct code when they found it, where as a thief had to get the code read off the chip, which would cost them a small fee and make a radio harder to sell on without it.

Of course nowadays, people have, ipods, digital memory cards and readers, tv's, sat navs, etc., which means that if you have an old cassette player installed now, that, that in itself is enough to put a thief off!


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