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Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

This car cut out whilst driving and after inspection by the Breakdown man, he came to the conclusion that the petrol pump was kaput and a new one would be required.

Later, after a little research and further inspection, we were convinced the petrol pump was working and the fuel filters both at the pump and in the engine bay were clogged up enough to have caused the fuel stavation at the engine.

We cleaned the petrol pump filter for re-use and replaced the petrol filter under the bonnet.

The original petrol filter did seem to have a lot of muck come out of it when we blew through it after removal. Even so one member of the family was not convinced by all this, and so we went ahead and ordered a new petrol pump for the car anyway, for the extra peace of mind.

Petrol Pumps from the dealers are only available as a complete unit and at over 200 are best avoided. Instead we opted for just replacing the pump/motor with an aftermarket one.

If replacing your pump, be very careful as to what you purchase, many of those universal ones on ebay make claims such as 'will suit cars of upto 500bhp' etc, but when checking their flow rates against those required for this 136bhp engine, it soon became clear that they were not even up to that job!

In fact seaching for an electric petrol pump that fits the vehicle as a direct replacement from a quality manufacturer turned out to be cheaper than expected, and also cheaper than those universal ones anyway.

We chose to purchase a Sytec FSE Model No. ITP332. This model will fit several makes and models of vehicles, so it does come with some universal fittings, but the dimensions and flow rates of the pump itself were what we needed for the 820.

At a price of under 46 delivered in late 2013, it was hardly worth the risk of putting the old pump back in the fuel tank. With 100,000+ plus miles on the old pump it was decided even if it was working, with 100,000+ miles of wear and tear it was not worth the risk of re-fitting it.

Ha Ha, eventually we will have a new car! - even if it is this one!

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
The petrol pump is accessed from inside the vehicle. It is located behind the rear seats underneath the carpets.

In the fastback with the folding rear seats, the location is easy to work on.

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
After disconnecting the cars battery. 4 screws were removed from the metal access cover and revealed beneath it was the top of the petrol pump unit and the top of the fuel level indicator unit. The wires to both units were disconneted to give greater access.

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
Next it was time for opening the doors for ventilation and emptying the fuel tank. As the petrol return pipe was removed we pushed a perfectly sized handy metal bar into it to prevent as much spillage from it as possible.

The petrol pump unit was then removed.
(This photo was taken afterwards though, after the original photo of the time was accidently erased. {The wiring has been removed and filter cleaned before this photo was taken})

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
The petrol was syphoned off into fuel containers, for later use.

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
Here is the new Sytec FSE (Model No. ITP332) Petrol Pump and the old Rover 800 Petrol Pump side by side, showing the dimensions are the same.

The hose & clips were not needed for this appication.

Rover 800 820 Petrol Pump.
The new fuel pump and filter are fitted on the petrol pump unit, and wired ready for use.

Everthing was then refitted to the car.

As mentioned earlier the under bonnet / in-line petrol filter was also replaced for a new one and is still what we believe lead to the fuel starvation problem in the first place, probably our fault for not replacing the petrol filter during the last service. So change your petrol filters today!


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