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Rover 800 820 825 827 Fuel Filler Pipe.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Fuel Filler Pipe.
Rover 800 820 825 827 Fuel Filler Pipe.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

Probably the biggest problem for concern for all Rover 800 owners, is that of rotting fuel filler pipes!!!

The fuel filler pipes on the Rover 800's being made from steel have a tendency to rot away over time, this is usually worse at the uppermost part of the fuel filler neck. Road Dirt, mud and grit all collect in the hard to reach area on top of the filler neck. This build up of muck, usually exaggerates the dampness problems in this area causing the rot to accelerate there.

Now all Rover 800's are of an age where corrosion problems might be expected to be present, the regular cleaning and checking of the petrol filler pipes is a must (if it was not already part of your routine maintainance).

This is an area that is often over looked on all vehicles, and unfortunately at the time of writing no new replacements are available for the Rover 800!

The cost of any half decent second hand fuel filler pipes that come up for sale on ebay can now sell for a few hundred pounds! Such is the rarity of obtaining a replacement now, that a corroded fuel filler pipe is now one of the main reasons for scrapping a Rover 800!

If you do come across any Rover 800's on your local scrap yard visits, then whether you went for one or not, you should always consider getting the fuel filler pipe, because if you don't need it, it's guaranteed somebody will. Plus you could make a few quid on it too! The trouble is, you will find most will be rotten already.

Prevention is better than cure, so any chance you get you should clean above and around your fuel filler pipes. Even better, protect them with, rust protection and paints, removing the pipes beforehand if you have the time and skill to do so.

With this Rover 800 being used almost everyday of it's entire life, taking the pipes off it might never happen, so when the rear brakes were awaiting replacement pads, it was a rare chance to do something about the fuel filler pipes.

In this instance all we did was paint them with underbody seal, but anything is better than nothing, and hopefully this will prolong the life of the pipes a little bit longer, because it is only a matter of time before they will have to come off, be it for proper protection, or when they have reached the end of their useful life.

Sadly most owners will only discover they have a corrosion problem, when they insert the nozzle at a petrol pump station, to see a puddle of petrol appearing on the floor as they are filling up. Please don't let this happen to you. Go check yours today!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Fuel Filler Pipe.
Regular cleaning and examination above and around the fuel filler pipes is a must.

The original coating on the pipes offers little in the way of long term protection and often it is the rust holding the pipe together!

These pipes were cleaned of any muck and build up, before being given a coat of underbody seal. In an ideal world we would of liked to remove the pipes, have them cleaned in a parts washer, then given the sort of protective coating that the paintwork on the car body would be jealous of.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Fuel Filler Pipe.
The underbody seal was simply painted on using a small household paintbrush. Then the hard to reach places which had been missed were coated by dipping gloved fingers into the paint and spreading the paint on by hand to ensure everywhere was covered as best as possible.

Although this method was not ideal, doing this would offer much greater protection than simply letting the pipes continue to rot.

This certainly took away the nightmare idea of how to remove and refit the pipework safely and is something we should have offered the pipes much sooner.

Another area to look out for corrosion is also the body work up and around the top of the fuel filler pipes! You may just find that you have some holes appearing there too!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Fuel Filler Pipe.
That has to be better than it was.
It didn't take long to paint with the wheel already being off, and so we should paint it more often in future!


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