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Rover 800 820 Colour Coded Mirror Covers.

Rover 800 820 Colour Coded Mirror Covers.
Rover 800 820 Colour Coded Mirror Covers.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

Anyone with a Rover 800 will know, that the riskiest thing you can do to cause damage to the car's paintwork is to park it!

...that's not because the cars are difficult to park, it's because of the difficulty other drivers (particularly small car drivers!) seem to have when parking anywhere near them!

Rover 800's will usually have at least 1 bumper with a paint scuffed corner, and it is not unusual to see all 4 corners of 800's with scuffs.

Another place that is prone to knocks and scratches seems to be the mirrors. Although it is a big job to replace or repair the bumpers, the mirrors have colour coded caps which can very easily be swapped for better ones.

Rover 800 820 Colour Coded Mirror Covers.
This mirror had received some very deep scrapes/scratches over the years, and had had the odd touch up with a paint brush at times!

Rover 800 820 Colour Coded Mirror Covers.
Fed up with the look of the mirror the way it was, but not wanting to replace the colour coded mirror cover with a second hand one, we purchased a brand new Charcoal Grey mirror cover off ebay for around a tenner! This was cheap old stock listed by a dealer! and the first time we had seen a listing for a new mirror cover in the colour we required :)

Not only were we amazed at how good the new mirror cover was, but we were also amazed at how easy it was to lever the old cover off, then put the clips on the new cover and simply push fit the cover onto the mirror.

...and doesn't it look good?


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