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Rover 800 820 Changing Handbrake Cable.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 820 Auto Fastback

Colour: Charcoal Grey / Black

The handbrake cable on the Rover 800 can be adjusted manually at the handbrake lever, under the centre console. The hard part normally is removing the centre console to get at it.

The handbrake cable goes out underneath the car and then pulls/joins two rear cables, one going to each side of the car to the rear brakes.

The handbrake on this car was only coming on after five/six clicks, but would not quite hold as we could not click it a bit more as needed! We decided to replace one of the two rear cables. The car only needed a new cable on one side (as my brother had the other side fixed last year whilst on holiday with the car at the time)(that was to replace a cable that had snapped).

The cables themselves are not too expensive, and as the car was due for its MOT a few days later, we decided that the remaining old cable was something that was worth replacing, as the MOT mechanic would probably only snap it while testing it anyway (as they like using force)!

We paid 23.00 + vat from the local Unipart for one cable (late 2009 price). This was after the local X-Part Dealer was unable to fathom out what to order from their computer (but looking at their screen pics, neither did we)!

It was a bit difficult to do and took us a couple of hours from start to finish. You have to jack the car up and support it on axle stands, then undue the old cable at rear and release the holding bolts/brackets. The cable goes up above the exhausts, which requires all the heat shields to be undone and the exhaust lowered by releasing the bungs. Releasing the front and middle bungs freed up the exhaust enough for us to remove the center heatshield over & out. After this you can undue the clamp holding the cables to the car, in order to change the cables.

It was an awkward job and knowing how difficult it was, we can not understand why my brother did not get the two rear cables replaced at the same time, when one side snapped. He was on holiday at the time and had borrowed this car, so we were not there to say do both cables, as they were both just as old! and it would only be a matter of time before the second one suffered the same fate.

If you are going to replace one of these rear cables yourself, or, are thinking of having one replaced by a mechanic, I would suggest you get the two done at the same time as this will save you either time or money (or both) in the long run!

At first the handbrake was only going to 1 click, but soon after the self adjusting seemed to be letting us get a second click, but more importantly the car was now holding itself in time for the MOT. Thankfully we did not need to make any adjustment under the centre console.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Rear Brake Caliper with Handbrake Cable Removed.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Removing the Cable this Far, was Quite Straight Forward.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Unfortunately you Have to Undue the Exhaust Heat Shields and Lower the Exhaust off the Bungs.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Remove the Rear Exhaust Heat Shield to Reveal the Cable Ends.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
You have to Remove the Two Bolts in Order to Change One or Both Cables.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Fit the New Cable in Place & Refit Heat Shields and Re-Hang Exhaust.

Rover 800 820 Handbrake Cable Replacement.
Brakes Not Only Look Better, But Work Better with the New Cable Fitted!


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