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Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
Replacing the Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

New Speakers: (17cm) Pioneer TS-G1711i

Original Equipment car speakers serve a purpose, but usually with the speaker cone being the paper sort, they aren't really built to last!

The original speakers in the Rover 800 range seem to give off a quality sound, and as such most vehicle owners will keep the standard speakers fitted.

If ever you do want to change them, to upgrade the speakers or simply to replace old speakers that are now distorted or failing, then the easiest thing to do is replace them with speakers of an identical size although this is not always possible especially with original speakers now almost impossible to find.

The Front door speakers in this coupe although they have seen little use, they were no longer any good. I decided I would replace them with, whatever would fit!

The original front door speakers are enclosed in their own special mounting, and so this meant that a bit of guess work would be involved when it came to what size replacements could be fitted with little or no modifications to the doors or door panels. Best guess was 13cm speakers would be no problem, but 15cm or even 16cm speakers may fit!

Radio and Speakers are not a priority for me, so they were just an I'll get some when I get some item! I decided I would buy some new speakers though as replacements from any Rovers in the scrapyards would probably be on their way out too.

Although not a very big Halfords shopper, occasionally they do have some amazingly unbeatable offers on car oils, and when shopping for several containers of fully synthetic oil, I just happened to have a quick browse around and noticed a cheap set of 17cm pioneer speakers in the clearance section!

Although bigger than I was looking for I decided that for the 17 price tag I had nothing to lose and I could always put them in the back of the mk2 golf if they would not fit in the front of the Rover. I also thought fitting this larger size may avoid the circle of MDF that you often see has to be made to mount an aftermarker speaker to a car door!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
The front car door speakers in the Rover 800 are located behind the mesh speaker cover. The speakers are attached to the car door and not the door trim panel though. The speaker can just be seen in this photo where I have removed the electric window switch pack control unit. (a seperate small tweeter speaker is located behind the slots in the door handle trim.)

Do not attempt to remove the mesh panel from the car door trim panel as the mesh panel is fixed to the door panel and trying to seperate them will just cause damage. To get to the speakers you must, remove the door panel from the door.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
With the door panel removed from the door, here is the old speaker.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
On removing the speaker from its plastic housing, it was no wonder the speaker was now sounding so distorted, the cone had split apart almost around its entire circumference!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
A Pair of Brand New Pioneer TS-G1711I 17cm (6-3/4") Dual-Cone Speakers.

35W, 170W Maximum.

At 17cm these speakers are a slightly larger size speaker that what I wanted, but for 17, beggars can't be choosers!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
Hmmm! That hole doesn't look very big!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
Whoops! These speakers are bigger than the holes! ..the idea of something like a 13cm or 15cm speaker is definitely looking a little more appealing now!

Hmmmm! If only I had a large washer!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
...idea! Didn't these speakers come with some washers!!? ...indeed they did! (aka, the speaker covers!)


Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
That worked! At this point they were trial fitted with a single self tapping screw into one of the existing holes.

With them being a slightly larger speaker 3 or 4 new holes would be required but before drilling any holes it might just be better to make sure the door trim will will still fit!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
Just as I suspected, the door trim just catches the speaker ever so slightly. This could just be due to the thickness of the larger 'washer' in places, or the speaker may also need moving slightly. There is still room above the speaker for the electric window switch pack to be refitted though.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
The proud bits of the washer were very easily and quickly sawn off with a hacksaw. Too late now for a refund!

Hopefully this will work better now.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
Again the door trim was hung back on, but this time it was a much better fit. Although if the speaker was moved forwards and upwards a little, it would be better still, and also this would give a little more room to allow for the contacts on the rear of the speaker avoid contact with the car door.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
The speakers were hooked up, they did not seem to be able to take much extra bass, but they did sound very crisp and very clear, and would do for my needs.

Four dots were marked on the door, and drilled with a small pilot drill then a 2.5mm drill bit. This would allow for the use of some self tapping screws to mount the speakers.

The short length of wire that came with the new speakers was simply used as an extension wire clipped into (with 2 spade connectors) the cars original wiring.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
With the connection being on the rear of the speaker rather than being on the top of the old speaker housing, it just meant that the wire had to join the speaker inside the door. A few bits of insulation tape later and the connectors were where they needed to be.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
The speaker looks pretty good when fitted, yet everything can be reverted back to standard, as no alterations/holes have been cut in the door or door panel.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
That's a much better fit in there now.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Front Door Speakers.
Everything back to normal.

Exactly the same process was carried out on the passenger side, but due to the way in which the passenger side window switch connector is shaped and fitted, this made it a slightly more difficult fit as the connector and the speaker would bump together slightly. Getting the speaker right on the passenger side was a little more difficult because of this, but when done correctly was no longer a problem.

update: On using the speakers in the car when fitted, these are a vast improvement on the originals, and carry much better sound and bass, than when I had tested them during the fitting.

I now find that I have to set the fader down by 1 at the front speakers, so that the rear speaker sound is given a bettter chance to get the equal sound from them, when sat in the drivers or front passenger seat. The rear speakers are always bigger to provide equal sound in the front with the front speakers for the best sound. I was surprised a little by the front bias after fixing these speakers, but with the fader set to compensate the rears, I now find I am cranking up the volume more as the sound is much better than it ever was.


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