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Rover 800 Electric Gremlins.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Electric Gremlins.
Rover 800 Electric Gremlins.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

There is probably nothing worse than when you have a car that seems to be looking and running superbly, than when everything electrical seems to all go wrong at once!

This can be quite a scary thing, especially if you are driving at the time!

The first time we experienced any electrical gremlins in this Rover 800 coupe, was when the battery had gone completely flat. The fog lights wouldn't switch off, the aerial went up on it's own and the windows would open completely, the heated seats would come on and not switch off, the cruise control would light up, and clicking noises could be heard from under the seats.

The dead battery seemed to be the cause and charging it up did seem to cure all the problems.

Some months later the gremlins started to come back! The air con came on, on it's own (as soon as the key was turned in the ignition). No, it was not left switched on previously, the screen was still blank!

On pressing any of the AC control buttons, the display came on as you expect it to, but nothing would switch it off (only switching off the ignition), but on pressing the footbrake, it went off!

The next day, the air con fans came on again (with the screen blank).

We tried turning the Air Con unit on! then off, but the blowers still remained on throughout, then we remembered about the footbrake the previous time, so we pressed it and the blowers went off.

This seemed as though the car had a small short, or some special feature, which could be switched on/off some how using the footbrake, but something seemed odd about it!

The car was being used seldom at the time and on driving it we soon worked out, the heater was going on and off every time the brake pedal was pressed. Then after the first half mile (the fans would go off), so it seemed the footpedal/brakelights must of been using what little battery power was left. The car was trying to send out a message that it was a little upset from lack of use! It was fine again after a little drive, and the battery was topped up again afterwards anyway.

In the end although it seemed that the battery was the main cause, it was not the main thing causing the problem! One of the battery terminals was just the tiniest bit lose, and on tightening this, none of the problems have been suffered since.

Other Rover 800 owners have also reported similar problems, although more electrical nightmares have been reported too, including, cars stalling! headlights turning off! loss of all electrics! oil and brake warning lights coming on! again, putting the foot on the brake pedal seemed to halt this last problem for another owner too!

Any of these problems would be scary enough, but to be getting so many at once can be a nightmare. This often causes owners to panic, and immediately sell their car, so that it becomes somebody else's problem.

Again these problems were all sorted once the owners was told/realised to check the battery terminals and charge up the battery.

They were always so relieved. Finding a lose battery terminal, is something that is never thought about and is often overlooked, yet it's amazing just how much trouble a lose battery terminal can cause.

The only way to describe what happens, is to say it is like all the electric is trying to go the wrong way around the car!

...Check your battery terminals, before the ghosts and gremlins visit you!


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