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Rover 800 Better Front Brake Disc

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

For quite some time I had been considering the popular upgrade of changing the 262mm front brake discs on this coupe for a set of the larger 282/285mm (not sure which size it actually is!) front brake discs which were fitted to a couple of the earlier 800's. (possibly the 820 Turbo and 827 Vitesse! but not sure).

This is not just a case of simply swapping out the brake discs and replacing them with a larger size brake disc! To make the change you have to change the part that holds the brake caliper in place so that the brake caliper is then situated in the correct location to accept the larger discs. It does seem that you are able to reuse your current calipers, so if you are buying new discs, then the carrier is all that you need from one of the older vehicles, but you can also change the caliper as well if you so choose!

Normally a new set of brake discs would be fitted, although you could fit a set of used ones off the donor vehicle, if they are still in good condition.

Due to the rarity of the caliper carriers on the second hand market the demand and prices are usually quite high, so it can take a long time to source a set of the carriers at the right price.

Whilst searching for larger brake disc parts, I came across, what would be a far cheaper, much easier, and possibly better braking solution, a set of drilled and slotted brake discs in the 262mm size, listed cheap on ebay!

Drilled and slotted brake discs I knew could be bought in the larger size discs, but to change the carriers and buy performance discs would be quite costly, and would not be worth it to me, because I would only buy such discs for looks more than their performance for this particular vehicle.

Finding a cheap set of drilled and slotted discs in the original 262 size was for me quite a find, I could have the looks of something better, without a hefty price to pay! They would look much better and probably also be far more efficient at braking than the standard 282/285mm discs that I would have fitted! Plus I have also heard that fitting the larger discs if you do drive and brake hard, leads to them not being able to keep as cool as the smaller disc, meaning that the gain due to the bigger braking surface (if larger pads are fitted) just gets lost when driving to extremes! (although I don't what they are like personally.)

So how much was I buying the drilled and slotted 262mm brake discs for, I hear you ask!


...Yes, you heard that right 5.51!

It was another of our amazing ebay auction bargains!!!

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
Here is the old 262mm front brake disc set up, with the Hammerite red painted brake calipers that were painted a few years back.

The wheels in the photo, were not in the best condition, the paint on them was begining to bubble and inside the rim the whole surface was very very flaky. The tyres were well worn and they were not a tyre I would of chose to fit personally.

The wheels were purchased secondhand until a better set at a good price could eventually be found. Finally having found a much better set of wheels and getting a brand new set of Avon ZZ3 tyres fitted, these will be fitted at the end.

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
Here is the old 262mm front brake disc. The discs did not have many miles on them, and rather than fit the new drilled & slotted discs to the Fastback which did need a new set of front discs, we decide to fit the new discs to this car and re-use these discs on the Fastback. Well at 5.51, we were hardly likely to find another set!

At 5.51 this was cheaper than any buying standard discs that usually cost around 20 - 30 a pair on ebay! These discs would of been around 200 had we paid the full normal retail price!

To remove the disc, first you have to remove the two bolts that hold on the brake caliper (we also loosened the other two bolts on each caliper), and then hang the brake caliper up out of the way (so as not to strain the brake pipes!). You may just have to lever the caliper slightly to remove it.

Then undo the two short cross headed bolts, which hold the disc in place. Removing these bolts can be a bit troublesome, but an impact screwdriver will usually start off any that are too tight.

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
Swap the old disc for the new disc, and put the two screws back in.
(Apply a bit of copperease to the threads on the two screws to make them easy to remove next time.)

New discs should be wipped with soapy water or a degreaser to remove any oils that have been put onto the discs immediately after their manufacture. These oils are used to protect the discs from going rusty in storage in the years before they may get fitted, and any such oils used, need removing prior to use!

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
The two bolts we loosened earlier on the caliper were taken out, so that the caliper was now in its two parts, so that reassembly would be easier. (plus it meant we could give all the parts a better wipe clean!)

The first part of the caliper was fittted. Followed by the metal shims. Copperease had been applied to the shims and the back of the brake pads.

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
The brake pads were refitted as these had seen very little use, and the rest of the caliper was pushed on.
(sometimes you may need to use a g-clamp on the caliper to push the piston back in, before the caliper will fit the new discs and pads thickness.)

Rover 800 Drilled & Slotted Brake Discs & Performance Pads
Finally fit the wheels, or in this case, replacement, bubble free wheels, and new tyres!

It is hard to tell if fitting these brakes have made much difference, without driving the car hard.

Normal braking does feel better, but a lot of that could be down to the fact that the car now has new tyres fitted!
You can feel the tyres certainly have made a difference! The car drives much straighter, and you can feel the far superior grip the tyres have even at low speed.

Now for some high speed extreme braking...

...eer no!

Perhaps we should build a track car one day!


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