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Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Sills

Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Sills
Rover 800 Coupe Sills.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

One of the places that is often overlooked when washing cars is underneath the sills. Keeping this sills clean is vital though, just like keeping the wheel arches is. If this is not done regularly then years down the line either yourself or future owners might find that a serious rust problem has developed because of the neglect!

Even when you do regularly clean these areas, it does not mean that you can escape the rust scot free! The abuse due to weather, and road salts, tars, oils, etc, over the years all have a negative effect.

The sills on this coupe although they looked perfectly okay with their thicker coated paint protection, it was obvious on close inspection that some areas were beginning to rust and in other areas the protective painting coating was actually coming away from the metal surface.

The loose hanging areas of protective paint were all removed with a scraper and although the sills did have some rust present the only bit that had any corrosion was the front drainage gap on the drivers side.

It was worthwhile at this point, checking that all of the drainage holes were clear and that none had any dried up mud etc causing any obstruction that may lead to any increase in moisture retention within the sills.

Protecting these sills is vital now though because replacements are no longer available to buy, although you can always get sills fabricated if they are needed.

It was time to protect these sills for the future. This was easily done, simply by paint brushing on some black Hammerite under body seal paint. It is very handy that the sills are black allowing for the underbody paint to be used in this area and for it to remain unseen.

Using the under body seal along the entire length of the sills would go unnoticed and hopefully should provide some much needed extra protection for the next few years or so, until it is done again.

Although painting the sills annually would obviously be much better, because the cost of doing so with regards to time and money using so little of either, rather than having to replace the sills in the future has got to be worth it!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Sills
The sills on this coupe were looking fine!
This photo of the passenger side was taken after all the loose paint had been scraped off, revealing the damage that was annually to take place, now that the rust was annually to set in.
So although the problem could not be seen it was there!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Sills
Here is the drivers side sill, again this looked fine prior to scraping off the loose areas of paint. The front drainage hole had a small amount of corroded metal that was simply knocked off prior to painting.

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed the two different treads on the two front tyres! These were not the wheels and tyres that were going to remain on they car, they were just the spare wheels from two different cars & the back of this coupe was supported by several axle stands, this was while 4 new tyres were being fitted to a better set of Vitesse alloys than what had been on the car previously. Also the rear bumper was receiving new bumper brackets at the same time. Painting the sills had not been intended, but was much easier to do while the car was suspended in the air for the other jobs that were taking place.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Sills
The passenger side sill after it had been painted with some underbody seal.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Sills
...and here is the drivers side after it too has been treated to some Hammerite Underbody seal.


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