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Rover 800 820 825 827 Coupe Painted Brakes

Rover 825 Coupe with Red Painted Brakes & EBC Green Stuff Pads
Rover 825 Coupe with Red Painted Brakes & EBC Green Stuff Pads

Rover 825 Coupe with Red Painted Brakes & EBC Green Stuff Pads. Rover 825 Coupe with Hammerite Painted Brakes & EBC Green Stuff Pads. Rover 825 Coupe with Rear Brake Caliper painted Red Rover 825 Coupe with Red Rear Brake Caliper. Painted Brakes visible from behind the Alloy Wheels. Painted Brakes give a Sportier overall look to the car.
Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

Brakes: Painted Brake Calipers

This Rover 825 Coupe is fitted with the Rover 6-spoke 17" Vitesse Alloys and so the car was just asking for the brakes to be painted!

If you have other alloys such as the 16" Rover Sterling Alloys or even the 5-spoke 16" Alloys fitted to the Tickford Turbos you will be pretty much wasting your time painting the brakes, as they will not really be seen, and are impossible to wash normally anyway.

This car is also fitted with some EBC Green Stuff Front Brake Pads, and when the rear pads are replaced they will also get EBC Brake Pads, as all Rovers do seem to suffer a little in the braking department. The EBC Green Stuff pads, not only brake better, but seem to be lasting far longer, are quieter, and make much less dust, making it far easier to clean the alloy wheels and painted brakes.

Depending on which alloy wheels are fitted on your Rover 800, the brake calipers may or may not be visible to see through the wheel. The bigger the openings between any spokes in the wheel, the more of the caliper will be seen. Although in most cases this will still not make the brakes a feature, due to their usual dark colour and coating of muck and dirt. Painting the brakes will drastically enhance them, and make them stand out.

Painting your brakes will also, encourage you to maintain and clean them more! There are special brake caliper paint kits available in a choice of colours, these usually come with cleaner, primer, colour paint, maybe some lacquer and a brush. I am not entirely sure of the contents! I have never used a kit as there is a cheaper and easier way!

Firstly you should obviously remove the wheel(s), then using a wire brush and a scraper remove as much rust, dirt and grease etc. as you can from the brake caliper. You are best not to use any degreaser, or liquid cleaners as it may prevent the paint from bonding properly, or cause a bad reaction with the paint.

Then once you have cleaned the brakes and they are clean and dry, mask off any areas which you might otherwise accidently paint.

Then use some Hammerite smooth finish paint in whichever colour you choose. Not only is a tin of Hammerite paint, far cheaper than buying Brake Caliper Paint Kits, but the colours are usually better and you can achieve the final look in a couple of coats, without any special primers or lacquers. Also Hammerite is good for painting on the rusty surface (once all the flaking stuff has been removed) and it withstands high temperatures too.

Using Hammerite, saves a lot of time. You do not need to remove the calipers from the car to paint them, its usually far easier just to paint them on the car. If you do remove them, you may decide to use Hammerite spray paint instead. Both the liquid or the aerosol paints will give you a smooth finish, so whichever way you choose you will not have any brush strokes visible in the paint. So there is no real advantage gained by spraying them, as the thicker brush coats, will reach the required colour/thickness in less coats.

If you have a smaller car fitted with brake discs on the rear, or an older car fitted with brake discs all around, you can still paint the drums, so that all the wheels have painted brakes behind them. & brake drums are usually that bit easier to paint.

I would normally use red paint for most cars, but have also used silver and gold, blue is another colour that seems to get used, but I have no idea why anyone would choose yellow! Maybe we should try some 'glow in the dark' paint next! hmmm!


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