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Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
Replacing the Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

Colour: Zircon Silver

The chrome trim inserts on the doors and front wings on this coupe were beginning to look a little sad!

Although I had some spare trim off an old Rover 800 bumper, the bumper trim does not match the height or profile of the trim used down the sides of the 800's.

I had not come across any trim worth taking from scrap yard coupes in the past, and I no longer had any spare door trims from a 5-door car, and even if I had it would not have met the longer length needs required by the coupe.

Prior to removing any door trim, I had tried to measure the width that would be required, I had read other users had trimmed 20mm width rolls to suit, but on measuring 18mm, I decided to search for 18mm trim.

I was surprised to come up with none on ebay, but my brother found some on another small site called Amazon. The seller was in China of course, so I had the usual 2 week wait for it to arrive.

It was obvious from the start that it was far too thin. It looked a little short as well and only measured 17mm high, so I never bothered with the stuff and instead flogged it off on ebay.

I decided my only option was to trim down a larger size, but even if I was to order 20mm stuff, it would still be far too thin compared to the original stuff.

I then happened upon a roll of some much higher quality stuff which was 15, this seemed cheap as it seemed far superior to the cheap stuff purchased earlier.

The brand I found was Sumex, I did a little more research on google and it seemed this stuff was more like 50 normally, so should be a lot better, I had just happened to find a dealer clearing some stock at the time when I needed it :)

When the pack arrived in the post, it was obvious by the weight that it was different stuff, and on opening the mail, I was greeted by an opened roll of 20mm trim (It was probably being sold off because the blister pack had been opened, even though none had been cut off either end of the roll). Anyway I was more than happy with it.

The only trouble was this time it measured more like 22mm wide. So I would definitely have to cut it down in size. This time though I removed the trim from the car first to get the correct measurement which I made out to be 18.5mm.

The original trim on the car has the chrome strip inserted within it. This new stuff has the chrome effect layer on the outside, so this would allow it to be cut and with it being the outer layer, looked brighter than the original trim too.

On cutting the new stuff to size and fitting it to the car, the profile worked better than expected because the lowest thin bit had been trimmed off, and the chrome gives a fuller look on the door too, so it does look really good, dare I say an improvement!

Hopefully they last!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
The outer plastic coating on the original chrome trim had now worn through along the top allowing the trim to hold moisture. This made the trims look bad.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
A couple of handy scrapers were used to prise away the chrome insert.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
Here you can see the wide profile of the original chrome trim. The chrome part is within the plastic.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
I removed the chrome strip from the door first...

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
...then I removed the strip from the front wing too as that was also beginning to suffer the effects of time.

The residue adhesive was removed and the area degreased.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
This was the Sumex, Race Sport Accessories, Chrome Line, Chrome trim that I had purchased off ebay. Sumex part number 13992. Goggling Sumex 13992 at the time of writing in late 2016 and there's some selling on Amazon for under 25 a roll. (33 on ebay.)

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
Out of the pack, and it was obvious this stuff would look great...

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
...if only it wasn't so tall!

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
normally you should always cut longer lengths first, that way if you make a mess you can always cut shorter lengths from them.
I decided to trim a shorter piece first though as I wanted to make sure I could cut this trim successfully!
Cutting it to the correct width seemed like it was going to be impossible.
Thankfully it has a clear plastic protective tape on it which had 1 edge running along at the 18.5mm wide mark just where I needed it! I put masking tape on the trim up to this line to make it into a thicker more visible edge to follow when cutting with a sharp Stanley knife.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
Fitting the fist piece I was more than please with the result.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
So I masked up a longer piece next, then bit by bit scored it deeper and deeper. I was very carefully when doing this and just took my time.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
As you can see, I was cutting away a very narrow strip off the trim.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
Here is the profile of the cut piece, you can see it is different from the original rounded profile, but this actually fits the plastic trims on the car quite well.

Rover 800 820 825 827 Chrome Door Trim.
I tested the cut strip would fit into the trim on the car before removing the red plastic tape off the back just to make sure the trim would actually fit along its entire length!

Once I knew it would fit, I stuck the trim on the door pulling back the red tape as I went, and making sure to insert the far end into the trim before I got to the end.

Looks Good, and after doing the door and front wing on the other side too, there is still plenty left on the roll to do the rear quarter panels when I need to.


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