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Rover 800 820 825 827 ABS Brakes Self Diagnosis Test.

Rover 800 Mk2 ABS Self Diagnosis Test.

Car: 1999 Rover 800 825 V6 Coupe

The Rover 800 Mk2 was fitted with an onboard ABS Self Diagnosis Test. This will allow you to very easily and correctly identify any problems that arise and cause the ABS Warning light to stay on.
Other vehicles in the Rover 200 400 600 ranges might also include this feature.

If the ABS light comes on on your Rover 800, then you can (test the ABS wheel sensors individually) or, carry out the simple ABS Self Diagnosis Test (as shown in the video above) to see what is causing the fault, to do this you need to locate and short a connector located beneath the steering wheel column. Switching on the ignition will then reveal a series of flashes of the ABS warning light on the dashboard which represent any Fault Codes.

The connector to use on the late model Rover 800 Mk2 (96-99) only has 2 wires going to it, so you simply connect them together as shown. On earlier Mk2 Rover 800's (92-96) the connector should have 4 wires. On the early cars you need to remove the bridge connection that is present, then connect the Yellow/Green wire to the black wire as shown. (to make sure you have the right connector, the other two wires on the cars with 4-wires, should be coloured Yellow/Black & Purple/Grey).

The ABS Warning Light will Flash Once, followed by a short pause, then Two Flashes followed by a long pause to represent that it is now in Test mode.
This will be repeated 3 times. (i.e.1-2, 1-2, 1-2).

This will be followed by any Fault Code(s) (see list below). (e.g. Four Flashes followed by a short pause followed by One Flash followed by a long pause). Again each fault code will be repeated 3 times. (e.g. 4-1, 4-1, 4-1).

This will finally be followed by the original start/end of test code squence of One flash, followed by a short pause, then Two Flashes followed by a long pause, which will again be repeated 3 times. (i.e.1-2, 1-2, 1-2).

If NO faults have been recorded the ABS Warning light on the dash will just continue to keep flashing up the original 1-2 code.

The following is the List of ABS Fault Codes.


1-2 Start/End Identification
1-6 Front Left Solenoid Valve
1-7 Front Right Wheel
1-8 Rear Wheels Solenoid Valve
1-9 Relays or Relay Power Supply

2-5 Pulsar Ring

3-5 Return Pump
3-7 Brake Light Switch
3-9 Front Left Wheel Speed Sensor Signal

4-1 Front Left Sensor Continuity
4-2 Front Right Wheel Speed Sensor Signal
4-3 Front Right Sensor Continuity
4-4 Rear Left Wheel Speed Sensor Signal
4-5 Rear Left Sensor Continuity
4-6 Rear Right Wheel Speed Sensor Signal
4-7 Rear Right Sensor Continuity
4-8 Battery Voltage Too Low

5-5 Electronic Control Unit
5-6 Interruption of Fault Codes

The Self Diagnosis Feature will store up to the last 3 Faults it has recorded, even after the fault has been fixed.

It is possible to clear the ABS Fault Code Memory. To do this (after you have fixed the fault and the ABS Warning Light on the dashboard has been extinguished), from the ignition on position, switch the ignition OFF then back ON 20, yes, 20 times! (This has been known to cause a fuse or two to pop on a few cars, so you may just need to check everything else is still working OK before you drive off!).

p.s. Here's my Top Handy Hint: If you have a fault like mine, where you need an ABS sensor, if you want you can use the ones off the opposite side of a donor/scrap vehicle if you re-use your brackets off the correct side of your faulty lead. (Great tip when you find a car in the scrappers that only has the wrong side one fitted, because you can still use it!)(...but be warned this is a bit difficult to do and may require some cutting and drilling!)

'till Next Time, Have Fun!

Rover 800 820 825 827 ABS Brakes Self Diagnosis Test.
Rover 800 with ABS Warning light Indicating a Fault by Remaining on!

Rover 800 820 825 827 ABS Brakes Self Diagnosis Test.
Locate this Connector behind the Large Removable Panel beneath the Steering Wheel.

Rover 800 820 825 827 ABS Brakes Self Diagnosis Test.
Using a Short Piece of Wire, or Paper Clip, make a short/connection between the Yellow/Green and the Black Wire. Then perform the ABS Self Diagnosis test as Shown in the Video up above.

To Replace a Faulty Rover 800 ABS Wheel Sensor and/or Reset the ABS Self Diagnosis Memory click here!


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