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Rover 400

Vehicle : 1995 Rover 400 Turbo

Registration Number: N1TRO issued 1995 (DVLA Classic Collection)

Rover 400 MK1
0-60 in a BOOM!

Badges are put on cars for one reason-
so they can be removed!
N1TRO Rover Turbo Badges

Lower Than a Golf GTi, and shorter than the new BMW Mini?Mesh front grill with additional
PIAA extreme white 5w side lights
(modified from fogs)

As most people only see the back of this car-
Here it is!
N1TRO Rear Plate and Sunblinds (at Night!)

Most people believe that rovers are for male drivers over 50 wearing slippers.


Most people by the time they have got to fifty, have driven fords, dreamt and then owned VW's and BMW's, possibly had a vauxhall, a peugeot or some other french/german motor, spending years reducing their insurance premiums in the meantime.
By the time these drivers discover Rovers, (because they were in fact never satisfied with their favourite cars) they have found a vehicle which is not only a comfort to drive (even in slippers (but all good racing drivers wear a similar type of shoe to your Grandad's slippers, thin soled.)) but they have found a car that is fast as well. Most standard Rover's from the early 90's onwards have come with at least a 16valve Twin Cam engine. Where as makes like VW only bothered putting such an engine in it's GTi, making them sound special, but the result is that Slipper Man has the advantage as most Rovers (1.6 litres) will blow apart a VW (1.8 or 2.0).
I know what your thinking, why don't these old dodders tell everybody else about how quick and responsive these cars are, if they're so good. The Truth, after building up a no claims bonus, and finally getting into the cheapest insurance age group, telling all the kids on the street about the car it has taken a life time to find would only increase their premiums. Now do you understand? Of course some of us discovered them earlier.


Black and White Rover Car Pic
Rover 400 MkI.

cars Car Casio TVThis Rover 400 was one of only a few cars
fitted with a TV, in the mid nineties.
cars Car Casio TV

cars Car Casio TV

This Rover 400 was also the first privately owned vehicle to travel around the 'final' section of the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road (In both directions).
Click here for M60 photo's!

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