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Rover 220 Coupe

1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top
1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top

1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top 1996 Rover 220 Coupe Targa Top
Car: 1996 Rover 220 Turbo Coupe Targa Top

Colour: Tahiti Blue

The early model Rover 200 Coupes ('92-'96) were the best ever 200 coupes to be built by rover. The early 200 Coupes came with either the 1.6 litre K-series engine or the 2.0 litre T-series. These engines being the enthusiasts' much preferred choice over the later models' free-revving 1.8i VVC (variable valve timing model)('96-'99).

The popularity of these earlier engines along with the straight forward dashboard taken from the Rover 200 MkII/ Rover 400 MkI models, makes these earlier coupes, still the preferred choice to this day. The result is the Rover 216 Coupe, Rover 220 Coupe + Rover 220 Turbo Coupe are now becoming classics with many N reg cars now selling at the same price as later model R and S registered coupes.

Often referred to as the 'Tomcat' (this name can actually be found on the reverse of some of the interior panels), the car was lower and stiffer than its equivalent Rover 200/400 models. Two of the cars greatest features include the long pillar-less doors and the Targa-Top roof with removable glass roof panels and center bar. The glass-panels can also be raised open individually. Too often people mistakenly call the 'Tomcat' a T-Bar. In the case of a T-bar the center bar is fixed and the window bars can be removed creating a far more open aspect especially with the windows down, if you want a T-Bar, buy a Toyota MR-2!

Originally beginning life in October 1992, just over a year later improvements had already been made, and November 1993 saw the introduction of the chrome grill. (buyer beware: a lot of the '92/93 cars' owners have since fixed the grills to their cars as they have become more widely available through the scrapyards). Later still, are the mid 1994 models onwards cars, which came with Driver's Airbag. All 2.0 litre models came with Anti-Locking Brakes (ABS) as standard.

The cars to buy are the late 1995 and 1996 N registered ones prior to the change of model. Better still are 1996 models that have been registered in later years, as not all were registered at the time as N reg's. These are usually in a far superior condition, often with lower mileage. Other things worth considering are Full Leather Seats (as opposed to the normal Half Leather ones), Air Conditioning (as it can sometimes get hot with all that glass, and it isn't always practical to remove the glass-panels), and Traction Control (on the 220 Turbo, as this can be a great help in the wet).

The only down side of the Rover Coupe was the designers tried to update it in line with the later model 200 and 400 cars, and, by replacing the original dash, and killing the Turbo, they were taking the car off in the wrong direction. Instead they should have replaced the front wheel drive with rear wheel drive. Or, by removing the rear seats they could have fitted a second engine and created some nice four wheel drive monsters! (Rover 240 Coupe and Rover 240 Twin-Turbo Coupe models) ...NICE!


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