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Misc. Rovers! at Norwich Motorshow 2010!

Modified 1948 Rover 75
Modified 1948 Rover 75.
Cars: Misc. Rovers (& others!!!) at Norwich Motorshow 2010!

Here are some pics of a few interesting cars that may be of interest to Rover owners!

I want one of these...

1948 Rover 75 4 Door Saloon (P3) Hot Rod
1948 Rover 75 Hot Rod photo taken at Norwich Motorshow 2010

The owner Purchased this Car in 1972 in a sorry state with the intention to Hot Rod it one day!
Some 30 odd years later the project was begun and the car was finally ready for the road in August 2007!

When the rover was purchased by the owner it was powered by a Rover 3 Litre Straight 6 Coupe Engine. It is now powered by a 327 cubic inch 5.4 litre (5358cc) small block Chevy - Corvette engine.
The car has a T5 (1991 Camero) Gear Box, a rebuilt Jaguar Independent Rear Axle and a Custom Built Front Suspension.

Here's a shot of the interior;
1948-rover-75-hot-rod-interior.jpg - 82478 Bytes

Bit of a Stealth Matt Black Citroen 2CV here;
2CV8.jpg - 92581 Bytes

Powered by a Rover V8 Engine!
2CV8-rover-engine.jpg - 90256 Bytes

Complete with Citroen/Rover 2CV8 badges!
2CV8-badge.jpg - 77208 Bytes

I think it must have 1 big fat central tyre underneath it though, if it want's to get any of that power down!

Another V8 Rover Powered Hot Rod, this time a Jago Ford.
jago-ford-rover-v8.jpg - 100072 Bytes

Here is a 2010 AK Sportscars Cobra replica! Although you can choose to power 1 of these kit cars with a Rover V8, this owner has gone for a much better 5.7 litre option instead!
ak-sportscar.jpg - 108713 Bytes

Not a Rover but, this 1968 MG B GT Coupe had a very clean 1.8 litre engine/bay.
mg.jpg - 114989 Bytes

A couple of Modern Classic '99 Rovers Sneaking in at the end; My V6 Coupe and a Rover 200 BRM. All good fun!
brm.jpg - 114989 Bytes


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