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Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights.

Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights
Rover 800 825 2.5 V6 (KV6)

Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights

This story started with the replacement of a shattered rear windscreen! (a known phenomenon on the coupe version of the Rover 800!)

Unable to get hold of the correct replacement window (as they had been discontinued over a decade earlier), I was willing to fit anything!

Luckily I was able to source a New Old Stock rear window from the earlier version of the mk2. The difference being this does not have the attachment for my existing 3rd brake light.

No worries though as this would finally give me the excuse of fitting some sort of LED brake light instead. Also I would be able to fit my high level brake light at the top of the rear window where it's view would not be partially blocked by the car's rear spoiler, as the old one always was!

Not being restricted by the location but instead being restricted by space, I had to opt for something that would not impose on rear passenger's headroom.

The advancements in LED technology and the introduction of flat LEDs to the mainstream market was obviously going to help me.

A quick search on ebay and I soon found some 12 volt flexible waterproof strips of LEDs that would be ideal for my needs. They were cheap too at only 1.99 delivered direct to my door all the way from China. What more could I ask for.

I still had to obtain some plastic trim to help mount the LED strip inside the car, but this was easy to find at the DIY store.

The LED strip would have been the ideal brightness had it not been for the tinted rear window. When brighter LED strips become available then there is a good chance I will upgrade from this one that has 5630 LEDs fitted.

Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights.
Here is the 1 metre strip of 5630 LEDs as fitted at the top end of my new rear windscreen.

Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights.
Invisible behind my tinted window until you activate the LEDs with the brake pedal, I have to say it does look good!

Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights.
...although it's not as bright as I had hoped for because the dark smoke tinted window.
(The 5630's would have been ideal behind the standard glass.)

Rover 800 Bentley Style LED Brake Lights.
As it gets darker outside, the LEDs begin to look much better ...but you can also see the interior of the car lighting up in red too! ...I will be able to stop this when I fit a shade just beneath the led strip though [back to the DIY store!], so I am happy with the end result for the time being, although I will most likely replace them with a brighter LED strip in the not to distant future.


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